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Saturday, March 14, 2020

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Free Climbs at Lighthouse
Location: Currituck Beach Lighthouse
Start Time: 9am to 5pm
Free climbs on the first day of our 2020 Season!

Come join us any time 9am-5pm. And we'll have a gentled mustang on site from the Corolla Wild Horse Fund 
from 10am-1pm (horse mood and weather dependent).

Still a working aid to navigation, the Currituck Beach Lighthouse was built in 1875 to fill the remaining "dark space" on the coast. Open to the public since 1990, the tower will be open every day in season (weather permitting) 9am-5pm through December 1. Come enjoy the beautiful grounds, the 220 steps to the top, and the panoramic view of the northern Outer Banks. The smaller Victorian stick style building is the Museum Shop and is open to the public.

This winter the International Chimney Corporation (ICC Commonwealth) will be staying on site to work on removing
and recasting the cornice of the lighthouse roof!

Children of all ages welcome to this event or any time. Children 7 and under must have constant adult supervision.

We do expect about to see about 800 people at this event, so if you like the idea of a reduced rate climb (it's usually $10 a climb), consider a season's pass and come as often as you like any other day during the season! https://obcinc.org/season-passes/