Community Rules
1.  For your safety, walking, biking, fishing or playing on the golf course or cart paths is not
     permitted at any time.  All golfers are required to register in the golf shop prior to play.
2.  Club Cart/Golf Carts - Carts not being used for golfing may not be driven on or used on the golf
      course or golf paths.  
     a.  Reckless behavior is strictly prohibited.
     b.  A licensed driver at least 16 years old must be in the front seat of any golf or club cart.
     c.  Ride only on the side of the road and off the sidewalks.
     d.  Abide by all vehicular road signs.
     e.  The bike path (or "multi-use path") on the other side of Route 12 is for walking, jogging, and bicycling
          only.  Do not drive carts on the bike path.
     f.  Please use the designated parking at the beach access in front of the Surf Shack.  Do not park on the
          beach access in order to keep that area clear for emergency vehicles.
3.  Wristbands must be worn at ALL amenities.  Any group not wearing a band will be denied access to 
     facilities or services.
4.  Fitness Center - You must be 16+ years old to use gym equipment unsupervised.  Children ages
      13-15 may use equipment with parental supervision present at all times.
5.  Parking - NO overnight parking is permitted on any street.
     a.  Overflow vehicles may be parked in Fitness Center lot.
     b.  NO parking on grass for risk of damage to irrigation sprinkler head.
     c.  NO parking in cul-de-sacs to allow for emergency vehicles.
     d.  NO camper, trailer, boat, or other recreational vehicle may be parked in a driveway; contact rental
          company for alternate arrangements.
     e.  Violations to these parking rules are subject to monetary fines and towing at owner's expense.
6.  Trash & Recycling Service
     In-Season:  Memorial Day to Labor Day
     Pick-up days are Monday and Friday
     Roll-out service days are Sunday and Thursday
     Roll-back service days are Monday and Friday (same day as pick-up)
     Pick-up day is Monday
     Roll-out service - none
     Roll-back service day is Monday (same as pick-up)
     All trash and recycling must be contained in cans and not on top of, beside, or at base of cans in order
     for the trucks to pick it up.
7.  Gates - Guest code must be entered when gates are unmanned.  Enter code slowly; let screen reset 
     if re-entering the number.  See instructions on page 7 of the Amenity Guide.
     a.  Only one vehicle may enter gate per activation.  Additional vehicles must re-enter code for entry
          or risk damage to their vehicle.
     b.  All gates are under 24-hour surveillance.
     c.  Driver will be held responsible for damages, including up to a $350 fine.
8.  All fireworks and Chinese lanterns are illegal to possess, expel or release.  Please contact security
      or dial 911 if you notice fireworks being used.
9.  No excessive outdoor noise permitted after 10 PM.  Exterior lights must be off by 11 PM.
      Report all violations to security.
10.  Respect nearby communities.  Please enjoy the amenities provided to you at The Currituck Club.
       Do not trespass into Ocean Sands or Spindrift.  Our beach access is located adjacent to the public 
       bathhouse and Trolley Stop, where we provide complimentary Beach Valet service.
11.  Pets must remain on a leash while outside the residence.  Please pick up after your pet using bags
       located throughout the community.  Remember, no pets are allowed on trolleys.
12.  No ATVs are permitted on Currituck Club property.
13.  Ponds - No fishing, swimming, canoeing, etc. in, or on, any pond in the community.
14.  Sound access - There is no sound access from The Currituck Club.  Please see the Concierge for 
       docking points and slip areas located in Corolla.
15.  Fires - No bonfires or open fires permitted.